Useful information

What is the difference between an e-ticket and a paper ticket?

The first E-ticket implementation started in the middle of 80-s, and the real e-ticket executing has begun only since 1995 in the USA. Nowadays the usage of such a high technology like the e-ticket is a necessary term for saving international routing and co-operating within the frames of interline agreements with international careers.

No matter how the technologies of work progress, e-ticket usage doesn’t allow to get rid of a large variety of disadvantages, like first and foremost time-taking and extravagant tasks of acquiring. Besides, paper ticket issues means the necessity of ticket delivery to the passenger or passenger tourist agency or air company visiting. Even if the ticket is given directly to a passenger in the airport before the flight, this may cause inconveniences to the passenger. That was the reason for e-ticket invention. This ticket can’t be forgotten or lost.

E-ticket usage combined with a credit card frees you from the necessity of the sales office visiting. There is the following procedure of the ticket acquiring on our web site: web-booking – order payment – e-ticket – registration in the airport.

What do I get after the e-ticket buying?

After the e-ticket payment you get the route-check, containing the information about your flight and baggage transportation like in a paper ticket. Route-check looks like a simple text on a sheet of paper A4.

We highly recommend you to save your route-check about yourself during the whole flight, it may be needed for presentation to the air safety services before entering the airport or during.

If I purchased a ticket, but failed to use the first flight segment, may I use the return segment ?

In case you have a round trip ticket (eg. Chisinau - Moscow - Chisinau) and have not used the first flight segment from Chisinau to Moscow, your booking for the return flight will be cancelled according Air Moldova policy. All flight segments in one ticket should be used in full and strict sequence they are provided on it.

For instance, if you have routing Chisinau - Moscow - Chisinau in one ticket, are will be allowed to fly from Moscow to Chisinau only after the flight from Chisinau to Moscow is completed.

May I carry kitchen knives and penknives in my hand luggage?

It is prohibited to carry piercing and cutting objects. Such objects, not depending on its form and size (knives, nail mending kits, razors, scissors) must be handed in to baggage.

My passport is soon expiring. May I travel meanwhile?

Please assure that your passport is valid during your trip. Besides, embassies of some countries demand that the passport must be valid during some additional time. Please, specify the requirements in the embassy of the country you travel to.

Is it obligatory to acquire assurance for the trip?

We recommend you to acquire insurance policies for all trips abroad. Moreover, it may be one of the demands of the country embassies for visa getting. Please, consult the embassy on this question. Besides, some inoculation may be obligatory, depending on the country or town you are going to. Please, consult your doctor.